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What to Look for When Hiring a Canton Roofer

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When it comes time to seek out the services of a professional roofer in Canton, GA, you might be surprised to find the process a bit more daunting than you would like. Not that finding a roofer is particularly hard; it’s finding the right roofer that can be a hurdle. So how does one go about finding a roofing service that won’t scam you, and can not only do the project, but do it well?

At Fowler Homes, your complete satisfaction is extremely important to us. We want to help make the process go smoothly for you. Our experts have laid down the basics of what to look for when hiring a professional Canton roofer.

Hiring A Roofer In Canton: What You Need to Know

Luckily for homeowners, the process of finding the right roofer has become much simpler these days. With peer reviews, testimonials and business information clearly displayed online, you can easily find most of the information you need in minutes! But what exactly should you be looking for?

  • Licensed roofers. Specifically one licensed for your state. Licensing criteria differs from state to state, so be sure to choose a roofer that is certified for your area. A Canton roofer should be licensed specifically for Georgia. If the business isn’t licensed? Then it’s not a professional roofer (and may even be a scam!).
  • Insured roofers. Issues come up, and accidents happen. Be sure to choose a roofer that is insured!
  • Look for professionals. Check the company’s website! Professional roofers operating today should have credentials, licensing information, and awards clearly displayed. These can be great indicators that you’ve found a strong, professional business.
  • Pay attention to reviews. The days of clickbait and paid ads are long gone, and buyers are more powerful than ever. A company that has a strong business relationship with its patrons should have testimonials or reviews that are easy to find. Most strong companies should have these easily displayed on their website (we do!). Additionally, check sites like Angie’s List or the BBB website. These usually have very trustworthy information.
  • Make time for meeting. Start with a phone call to gauge how you feel about the business. If your roofer was polite and informative on the phone, make an appointment! You don’t need to start with any commitments (and don’t let anyone be pushy), just an estimate is good. Work from there, and choose the roofers that make the most sense to you.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel that a potential roofer is being shady, do not do business with them. Cash up front, unmarked vehicles and rude, vague information are all signs of a potential scam!

Trustworthy, Professional Roofing Services in Canton, GA

At Fowler Homes, we put your needs first. Bringing our patrons honest, effective roofing services is our passion, and we want nothing more than to exceed your every expectation! If you’re looking for a Canton roofer for your next project, call on Fowler Homes!

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