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Common – and Dangerous – Mistakes Unlicensed Roofers Make in Georgia

mistakes unlicensed roofers make in Georgia

In one of our recent posts, we mentioned how important it is to seek out professional, licensed roofers to handle your roofing project. And while our word as a professional certainly carries weight, nothing in the world beats information. To give you a better idea of what can happen when you get stuck with an inexperienced or unlicensed roofer, we’ve created a list of the most common roofing blunders a Marietta, GA roofer might make.

At Fowler Homes, your satisfaction and security are our top priorities. We never want you to get roped into a bad deal. Poor roofing work only leads to frequent roofing repair, and eventually (quite soon, actually) roof replacement. This is very costly, and we want to help you avoid this. Check out our list of biggest Marietta roofer mistakes!

Most Common Amateur or Unlicensed Roofer Mistakes

Any flaw at all in your roof installation or repair can mean a world of trouble, for both you and your home. These are the most common mistakes we’ve found committed by a Marietta roofer:

  • Shoddy nail work. It’s a very simple process, but one we’ve seen done wrong so many times. Nail placement is crucial to a healthy roof. If they’re crooked, or nailed into the wrong spot, you could be looking at sagging shingles that are brittle and easily dislodged. This can lead to roof leaks, and creates a weakness that storms will tear apart.
  • Shingles or tiles are incorrect for your slope. The slope of your roof requires a specific size and design of shingle or tile. If they wrong ones are used, your roof, attic and home are destined to incur serious amounts of water damage.
  • Incorrectly matched shingles. There’s a reason licensed and professional roofing companies use high-quality products from consistent manufacturers. If multiple batches, or batches from various sources are used, it can leave your roof ugly. It also potentially creates weak spots.
  • Failure to procure a permit. A massively egregious error, unlicensed roofers may opt to install your roof without a permit (which is a legal requirement). This can put fines, fees, and legal issues at your feet. And yes, you (unfortunately) would be held responsible.
  • A lack of, or inadequate insurance. Incidents occur. And if you’re not covered, you can be stuck with an unfinished, unusable or outright incorrect roof. Not to mention the other complications that may arise without appropriate insurance. Don’t get stuck holding all of the cost if something goes wrong; insurance is an absolute must.

Professional Roofing Services with Fowler Homes in Marietta, Georgia

It is exceedingly important to our Marietta roofers that you get the roof you deserve. Your roof should be beautiful, durable, and worth every bit of your investment. Next time you need roofing services, contact our certified and insured experts!

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