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Ribbed Panel Metal Roof Repair in North Georgia

A metal roof offers your home or business superior resistance against damage, an extended lifespan and a fetching aesthetic appeal. At Fowler Exteriors, we work hard to ensure your roof gets the attention it needs to continue performing at its best. Roofing isn’t just our job, it’s our passion, and we would love nothing more than giving you the roofing services you deserve!

Fowler Exteriors has been providing the Canton, Georgia area with the very best in roof repair, replacement and installation services for years. We’ve built a reputation on trust, honesty and superior skill! We can always ensure your roof bounces back from any damage looking beautiful and boasting the structural soundness it needs to keep your structure safe.

Looking for metal roof repair in Canton, Georgia that is quick, effective and exceeds all of your expectations? Contact our professionals at Fowler Exteriors! You can reach us anytime online, or by phone at 770-377-8009. Curious about what past consumers have to say about us? Check out our reviews!

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Signs Your Ribbed Panel Roof Needs Repair

A metal roof is a lot of things, but one of them is not subtle. If you need roof repair, you’ll know! Keep an eye out for these signs that you need metal roof repair:

  • Cracked or damaged panels. Even if it’s a thin, hairline crack it can mean serious trouble for your roof. Cracks have a tendency to grow over time, often eventually becoming irreparable. Additionally, cracks can promote corrosion and rust, which can have your roof in dire straights fast!
  • Presence of discoloration, oxidation or rust. Rust isn’t just ugly, it can render your roof useless in no time. Over time, rust will spread, infecting your entire roof. This results in a roof that is brittle, and prone to eventually splitting and falling apart. Get it repaired!
  • Interior water damage. water damage in your home, particularly along the ceiling, in the attic or on walls is usually a sign that your roof has become compromised. A panel may have risen, gotten askew, or cracks may be letting water in. This can spell huge trouble for the structure of your home.
  • Age. Metal roofs boast excellent lifespans, but all things get old eventually. Past the ten year mark, it’s good practice to have your roof inspected by a trusted professional. This ensures if a problem, or potential problem arises, it’s handled immediately.

Why It’s So Important to Get Metal Roof Repairs

A damaged roof is unattractive, yes, but it can mean a lot more. If a roof is poorly maintained, it can have a dramatically reduced lifespan, costing you much more than you want to spend on a roof replacement. Now, we’re not discouraging roof replacement (in fact, we highly recommend it!), but you want to seek replacement at a time when you’re prepared to handle it. To keep from unplanned problems, maintenance and professional repair are key!

First-Rate Ribbed Panel Roof Repair

Whatever your need, and whenever you need it, Fowler Exteriors is here to help. Roofing is our job, yes, but it’s also our joy! Nothing makes us feel better than providing a roof worth being proud of, and we would love nothing more than ensuring you have exactly that! To learn more about our repair services, or any of our other services, contact a professional at Fowler Exteriors today!

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