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Stone Coated Metal Roofs in Alpharetta and all of North Georgia

Many home and business owners in the Canton, Georgia area  are intrigued by the benefits a metal roof provides, but are put off by the “industrial” look of most metal roofing styles. As a rule, we at Fowler Exteriors believe no one should be stuck with a roof they don’t absolutely adore. Your roof reflects an aspect of your home design, and is a piece of art in our eyes. This is why, with great happiness, our team is proud to present our stone coated metal roofs as a solution to your metal roofing needs.

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A stone coated metal roof provides all of the performance of a metal roof, without the metal appearance. Our professionals have been utilizing stone coated roofing materials for years, and we can bring the finest in quality and service available in the industry!

Curious, but a bit apprehensive? Our excellent work is backed by our own guarantee, but take a moment to look over some kind words left by previous clients!

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What Is a Stone Coated Metal Roof?

Stone coated metal roofing was created as an affordable alternative to gorgeous clay and tile designs, providing added benefits in cost, availability and durability over its predecessors. It can be utilized to simulate the appearance of many roofing styles including slate, tile, clay and shingle, providing you with a myriad of options.

The process uses chipped stone as an overlayer on a metal panel (most commonly steel, but a few other metal types are utilized occasionally), providing a unique and stunning solution to home and business owners’ roofing needs. The overlayer can be modeled in three common types, including shake, tile and shingle.

The Benefits of Using a Stone Coated Metal Roof in Georgia

Think a stone coated roof may be just the solution you were looking for? Consider these advantages:

  • Performance. Stone coated roofs provide all of the benefits of a traditional metal roof. They are resistant to cracking, bowing, cupping and splitting, and have a very long life expectancy.
  • Safety. Not only does a stone coated metal roof provide exceptional waterproofing, but it is also safer than asphalt shingles against fire and natural disaster.
  • Durability. Stone coated roofs provide excellent service over a long period of time, experiencing no drop in performance as time goes by.
  • Versatility. With such a wide array of styles and designs, there’s a stone coated roof type for any structure.
  • Lightweight materials. Stone coated roofs are drastically lighter than slate or clay types, and as such provide a much safer roof by diminishing the load on your home.

Excellent Stone Coated Roofing Options in Georgia

Our professionals make it a personal goal to provide excellence in all regards. We strive to provide the best service and skill to every project we handle, and want nothing more than for our customers to end up with a roof they can be proud of. We’ve built our reputation on exceeding expectations, and providing only the absolute best. Contact our specialists today to learn more about our metal roofing options, or to schedule an appointment!

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