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What Do You Do When Your Roof Has A Leak?

Roof leaks can cause extensive damage to a home, from rotten rafters and roof sheathing to ruined drywall and insulation. With long-term water damage, mold can also start growing, and some types can be quite harmful to your health. To protect your home and family, it is important to have roof leak repaired as soon as you notice a problem.

At Fowler Exteriors, we offer roof leak repair in Canton, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and the surrounding areas of Northern Georgia. With more than 20 years of roofing and construction experience, we can quickly find the cause of leaks and repair the problem in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

When you need a qualified professional for roof leak repair in or around Canton, GA, call Fowler Exteriors at 770-800-8758 or contact us online.

Signs that You Need Roof Repair In Canton

A roof leak may not always be immediately noticeable, especially if the water finds its way into hidden areas like the interior of walls. Here are a few indications that you may have a roof leak:

1. Visible water or dark stains on the attic floor or underside of the roof

Dark, mysterious stains on the attic floor or underside of the roof can be a worrying sign. Upon further inspection they may reveal visible water damage or an accumulation of dust caused by a leak in the roof structure. Alternatively, these dark spots could be caused by mold and mildew growth resulting from moisture trapped in the area. Regardless of what has caused them, it is important to take swift action to prevent further damage.

2. Rotted or damaged roof sheathing and framing

Rotted or damaged roof sheathing and framing can be a symptom of water damage. In the North GA area, Fowler Exteriors can inspect the area for damage, recommend repairs, and provide expert advice on how to prevent it in the future. The repair will involve removing and replacing any compromised materials, including insulation, drywall, flooring, etc. An expert team of professionals can minimize disruption and ensure that your roof is restored to its original condition.

3. Wet insulation in the attic floor

It’s common for water to leak into attics and settle in insulation, causing moisture and wetness to build up. This can cause serious damage to the materials used in your attic floor and lead to mold growth.

4. Stains or water leaks on ceilings and walls

If you suspect your walls and ceilings have been damaged by water, it is important to seek professional help immediately in order to prevent further structural damage and mold growth.

5. Peeling or bubbled paint on ceilings and walls

If you have noticed paint peeling or bubbling on the ceilings and walls of your Woodstock home, there is a possibility that this could be a sign of water damage.

Water could be entering your home through damaged roofing material, faulty pipes, or even moisture from humidity. It is important to seek out the source and fix it as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

6. Missing, cracked, curled, or damaged shingles

If you have noticed missing, cracked, curled, or damaged shingles on your Alpharetta home’s roof, it could be a sign of weather damage or wear and tear over time.

Catching signs of damaged shingles early is important in order to prevent further water leakage into your home.

7. Missing or damaged flashing

It is important to check your home for missing or damaged flashing, as well as any potential damage to your chimney and siding.

Flashing is metal sheeting that is used to direct runoff away from the roof and other areas of the house. If it is missing or damaged, water can enter your home which could lead to further damages.

8. Mold or moss growth on the shingles

Mold and moss growth on shingles can cause problems with structural integrity, insulation, and aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you notice any of these problems, call our team at Fowler Exteriors for a full roof inspection. Our team will thoroughly examine your roof using our in-depth, roof inspection process, and we give you a full estimate for the required repairs.

What to Do If You Find A Roof Leak

If you find a roof leak, it is important to minimize the damage until you can schedule repairs. This includes:

  • Soaking up standing water with towels or rags
  • Moving valuables out of the affected area
  • Catching leaking water in buckets or other containers
  • Using a fan to speed drying of the wet area

You should also call our team at Fowler Exteriors as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 for emergency roof leak repair in Canton, Woodstock, Alpharetta and all of North Ga. We can place a tarp over the affected area to seal it temporarily until repairs can be made

To have your roof in and around the Canton area inspected, contact our team today!

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Roof Leak Repair in North Georgia

At Fowler Exteriors, we offer roof repair in Canton and the surrounding areas. Our team will asses the extent of the damage, offer an accurate estimate, and perform all the repairs necessary to seal your roof, whether that is patching the existing surface, replacing damaged flashing, replacing damaged shingles, or installing a new roof.

We offer a one-year warranty on all leak repairs, and we can help you provide the information you needed to file an insurance claim, when necessary. Whether your roof suffered wind or storm damage or simply failed due to old age, our team at Fowler Exteriors can provide the repairs necessary to keep your home safe and dry.

For roof repair in Canton, contact our experts at Fowler Exteriors today!

Schedule Roof Leak Repair in Canton, GA

Don’t let water damage cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Contact our team at Fowler Exteriors for fast, professional roof leak repair in Canton and Northern Georgia.

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