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Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage in North Georgia

North Georgia experiences frequent and often severe storms from June to October each year, which can cause significant damage to your roof if you need more preparation. Taking preventative measures is critical to avoiding costly repairs down the line. Investing in suitable roofing materials, hiring a reputable contractor, ensuring proper ventilation in your attic, and trimming trees that could cause damage can better protect your roof from storm damage. Annual roof inspections and regular maintenance are also necessary to identify weak spots in your roof before a storm hits.

Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage caused by storms and consider mitigating storm damage to lower your insurance premium. Following these tips, you can keep your roof intact during North Georgia’s storm season and avoid costly repairs.

Schedule Yearly Roof Inspections

Yearly inspections will help you identify and address any weak spots in your roof before a storm hits. Look for curled or missing shingles, loose nails, damaged flashing, and other signs of wear and tear. Hiring a professional is recommended, but you can also do it by walking around your home’s perimeter.

Choose the Right Roof

Investing in a high-quality roof can make all the difference in preventing storm damage. Look for an installer with general liability insurance, warranty coverage, and a reputation for excellent work. Consider the value and durability of different roofing materials, as a cheap roof may mean greater susceptibility to damage.

Trim Back Trees

Tall trees may pose a danger to your roof during a storm. Strong winds and hail can snap branches or even topple the entire tree onto your house. Assess the trees on your property and trim any branches extending over your roof. Removing a tree too close to your home’s foundation may also be necessary.

Strengthen Your Roof

Take these steps to toughen up your roof:

  • Use ring-shank nails to secure shingles
  • Apply roofing cement under shingle tabs and around exposed sides
  • Install a sealed roof deck to keep water out if the cover blows off
  • Anchor your roof frame at the connection to the wall to withstand high winds

Properly Ventilate the Attic

Proper ventilation is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof. The Federal Housing Administration recommends one square foot of vent per 300 square feet of attic floor, with passive vents at the eaves and along the roofline. Ensure insulation doesn’t block these openings, and consider adding an active ventilation fan to increase airflow.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Even with preventative measures, storm damage to your roof is still possible. Ensure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage before a storm hits. You may also qualify for a premium discount if you take steps to mitigate storm damage. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Following these tips can protect your roof and keep your home safe during North Georgia’s storm season.

Repair Your Storm-Damaged Roof Today

If you suspect your roof has been damaged in a storm, schedule a free storm damage inspection. We’ll assess the condition of your roof and recommend either a repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage and the age of your roof.

Don’t delay repairing your storm-damaged roof— Contact Fowler Exteriors today for roof repair in the North Atlanta/Canton area!

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