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Skylight Installation and Repair

Homes with plenty of natural light are inviting and comfortable, plus they use less energy during the daytime. Skylights are a relatively simple way to add more natural light to a room, and with today’s advanced designs, they are less prone to water leaks and weather damage.

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At Fowler Exteriors, we feature quality skylights from leading manufacturers like Velux and Wasco, and we offer professional skylight installation in Canton and the surrounding areas. With more than 20 years of roofing and construction experience, we can provide a quality, leak-free installation that will stand the test of time.

Common Types of Skylights

Skylights are available in several varieties, from designs that are primarily used for light to those that offer light, airflow, and a great view. Here are the most common types:

  • Deck-mounted skylights – Mounted directly to the roof deck, these skylights must be flashed properly to avoid leaks.
  • Curb-mounted skylights – Mounted on a curb, or a framed opening that extends above the roof, these skylights are easier to seal than deck-mounted versions, but they require interior framing and drywall to create a finished installation.
  • Fixed skylights Available in both deck and curb-mounted designs, fixed skylights do not open to allow airflow, but they offer plenty of light, as well as a good view of the sky.
  • Fresh air skylights – Hinged at the top, fresh air skylights can be opened for ventilation and are available in roof-mounted and deck-mounted designs.
  • Roof windows – Like a fresh air skylight, roof windows can be opened for ventilation. They are more similar to a widow in function and are designed for steeper roof pitches as an alternative to dormers.
  • Solar tubes – Used purely for adding light, solar tubes use a concentrator or lens on the roof to direct light through a reflective tube into the desired room. They offer more flexible installation options than skylights with less potential for leaks, plus they can be placed in areas where a skylight would not be possible.

At Fowler Exteriors, we have the experience to install all types of skylights, and we can recommend the best products for your home and budget.

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Skylight Installation Services

As a leading roofing contractor in Alpharetta and all of Northern Georgia, Fowler Exteriors can provide quality, professional skylight installation in Canton and our process includes:

  • Removing the shingles in the installation area
  • Creating a structurally sound roof opening
  • Framing the curb, if required
  • Installing the skylight and flashing
  • Repairing the roof surface or re-roofing the area
  • Finishing the interior curb with framing, drywall, and trim

Costs for a skylight installation will vary on the type you choose, but the typical range is from just under a thousand dollars for a solar tube with all costs included, to several thousand for fresh air skylights or roof windows with the cost of labor, materials, and the window itself combined.

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If you would like more natural light, plus a quality, leak-free installation, trust our team at Fowler Exteriors for professional skylight installation in Canton, Alpharetta, and all of North Georgia. We provide superior results at cost-effective prices, and we are eager to help with all your roofing needs!

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