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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Georgia Roof

It certainly took its time, but spring is finally starting to show up in the Atlanta area. Before you settle in to bask in the warmer weather, the specialists at Fowler Homes want to talk to you about spring roof inspections and maintenance. Don’t have a checklist handy, or not sure why maintenance is so important? Follow along while our experts lay it out.

Why Spring Roof Inspections Are Important in North Atlanta

Why bother? We understand that cleaning and home care tend to be low on most people’s enjoyment list, but it’s actually a very important process. Keeping up with your roof and performing a little bit of preventative care goes a very long way in keeping the roof in proper condition. That’s a pretty big deal, and an easy tradeoff to make—and just in time for the rainy, humid spring and summer seasons.

Most roof problems don’t start out catastrophic. Your dry rot, roof leaks, and structural damage tend to begin as a single missing shingle, or a bit of bent up flashing. This is why detecting them and preventing them now is so crucial. An ounce of prevention means a whole lot of protection against huge repair bills and potential untimely roof repair.

Your Spring Roof Inspection Checklist

  • Inspect for mold, algae, and discoloration. Organic growth on the roof starts out as just unsightly, but it can quickly evolve into a complex problem that results in rot, missing roofing materials, and eventually serious water damage. If you notice mold or algae, remove and destroy it if the patches are small, or for larger infestations, enlist the help of a roofing contractor.
  • Check all flashing. Flashing is found around chimneys, along the joints of your roof, and surrounding any protrusions or skylights. Most typically they are made of galvanized steel, which shouldn’t corrode, but it’s wise to check for rust just in case. Additionally, note any looseness of the material, cracking, or missing sections.
  • Look at shingles or roof materials. Though a single shingle missing might not seem like much at first, this is the start of many larger problems for home roofs. A single part out of place means water has a place to get in, which starts a damaging process that results in considerable water damage and leaking.
  • Remove dangling or overhanging branches. Branches hanging over your roof present a bunch of problems. Not only might they fall off during a storm and cause a ton of damage, but they also shade the roof, creating a perfect environment for mold and other organic materials to grow.

Never Forget Your Gutters

Gutters are a separate but critical part of a healthy roof. They should be cleaned, cleared away, and inspected for rust at the top of the season. We recommend continuing to check them throughout the season, and pay particular attention to how well they perform in rainy conditions.

If water spills out from the gutters, falls behind them, or fails to come out of the downspout, the problem should be found and dealt with right away. This is because the gutters are vital for helping your roof safely remove water, and if the gutters are underperforming you get a considerable amount of standing water that’s just waiting to get into your home.

Professional Roof Inspections in Cherokee County, GA

A good checklist should always include a thorough inspection from a roofing contractor, and, if necessary, repairs as well. You want your roof in perfect shape to take on the obstacles that spring will present, and failing to do so can leave you with tons of unnecessary costs.

Roofing experts have the tools and training to recognize a problem when they see it, so they’re likely to catch things you might miss. Or if you’d rather not deal with any of the processes yourself, you can simply have a specialist do it for you! That brings you a thorough, well-done job, so you don’t have to stress over anything when it comes to your roof.

Looking for roofers in North Atlanta, Georgia? Contact the award-winning experts at Fowler Homes!

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