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Why You Should Be Replacing Your Skylight With a Roof

Skylights are a great feature to a home. But sometimes, they just need to go.

Skylights are a great feature in any home. Found on rooms on a house’s top floor, the opening gives the room a fantastic source of natural, ambient light.

Having a skylight can be great. They can be used to let in fresh air into the room naturally. During warm weather, they can be opened up to cool the room. Meanwhile, during nippy days, closing them up will allow heat to collect and naturally raise the room’s temperature.

Aside from warming up the room, they are also great for lighting. During the day, sunlight will brighten up the room naturally. After the sun sets, skylights can give us a great view of the beautiful night sky over Canton and Georgia. Also, its great if you need roofing canton ga

Of course, all of these go with the assumption that a competent, professional roofing contractor installed your skylight.

There are some inherent problems in having a skylight, though. Since they are interruptions on a roof’s structure, they are a place where structural weaknesses are common. As an opening in the roof, they can allow the weather and other factors to damage the room under it. Unattended skylights are a common reason for water damage from rain or snow. They also allow dust, debris and even branches to get inside the room, making it harder to clean and even ruining what’s inside.

In terms of upkeep, skylights can also become a liability in the long run. They will require frequent roof maintenance. Because they are basically a hole in the roof, you will need to make sure they are waterproof and won’t allow leaks to form in the roof. it will be necessary for you, therefore, to make sure you have access to a good roofer at all times.

If not attended properly, they can raise your energy bills instead of helping you save on them. An open skylight in winter will give your internal heating a hard time, while keeping it closed during sunny days will make cooling the room difficult.

Insurance premiums on your house may also increase. Many insurance companies treat skylights as potential causes for roof and home damage, and may use it to justify higher payments.

The most convenient time to replace a skylight is when you are installing a new roof.

If the liabilities outweigh the benefits of skylights for you, then the best option may be having a roofing service company take it out and replace it with a proper roof. To save money in the long run and ensure you won’t be paying for a new roof twice, it is best to replace your skylights when replacing your roof.

First of all, it will be wise if you get the job done by a proper roofer from a professional, commercial roofing company. Having a shoddily-executed job will just end up with even higher costs for you in the long run. Aside from that will be the hassle that it will bring to you when things start to go wrong. Considering that this is about your home, it would be better to get someone who knows how to do it right the first time.

Doing it yourself is great. But this time, leave it to the professionals. They will know how to do it according to local Georgia building code.

Removing a skylight will be simple work for any competent roofing service. It will usually take about a day or so to take out the opening and patching it up with a new roof and ceiling. In terms of disturbance, professional roofing contractors know how to get out of your way for the greater part of the operation.

The roofers will usually start with removing the shingles around the skylight. This will expose the skylight’s frame, which will also be taken out. While doing all these, a good roofer will take the occasion to look for any water damage, mold and fungal rot, or anything that may have weakened the roof’s structural integrity.

After these have been taken care of, the roofer will then proceed to set a closed wooden frame over the hole. This can serve as both the ceiling for the room below and a platform on which to put the roofing material on top.
Competent roofing contractors will know to match the roofing material to that which your house already has. They will also know how to make it so that the new patch of the ceiling will blend in with the original. Most importantly, they must make sure the frame seals up the hole snugly. Caulking and other waterproofing solutions will also need to be applied to make sure that the hole is waterproof and won’t fall out.

If you live in Canton, Georgia or its nearby areas, go and see Fowler Homes Inc for your roofing and home building needs. Their twenty years’ experience in the construction industry, specializing in roofing projects, ensures that you will get quality service every time. Their professional craftsmen will use their cutting-edge skills and tools to make sure that you will be satisfied with their service.

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