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What Can I Do to Maintain My Roof?

With so many other things around your home that clamor for attention— things you see every day like your sink or washing machine—your roof probably doesn’t often garner your attention unless it is leaking or showing visible signs of decay.

The prospect of restoring or replacing your roof due to lack of attention might trigger a shift in your thinking. A new roof can easily set you back five figures. In fact, roof repairs and replacements are one of the most expensive of all types of home repairs.

While your roof may seem like a passive entity, there actually is a lot going on up there that can spell the difference between one that meets its expected lifespan and one that doesn’t make it even half that long. The difference is maintenance and a proactive strategy, courtesy of Georgia’s premier roofing company: Fowler Homes.

Follow these tips to keep your roof in good shape for years to come:

Cut overhanging tree branches

Trees can frame a home beautifully, but the branches can create trouble for a roof in myriad ways. They can rub against and damage the shingles, especially on windy days. They can also snap off and accumulate on your roof alongside leaves and other debris. And they can form a “trapeze” for squirrels, raccoons, and other animals who might like to nest on your roof while chewing on the shingles. To avoid these risks, keep tree branches 10 feet away from your roof. Hiring a tree trimmer is the best way to handle this job.

Remove leaves and other debris

Some homeowners assume that strong gusts of wind will sweep leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris from your roof. It only takes a little moisture for these elements to congeal and collect into piles. They’ll decompose eventually, but the ensuing moisture could leak into your home or provide fertile ground for weeds to grow. Roof cleaning is a job for the professionals who have the proper tools and skills.

Clean out the gutters

Gutters serve as an adjunct to your roof—separate but still vital. When gutters become clogged with leaves, water that would normally flow down and out backs up—and backs up onto your roof. This is when a host of problems can result, ranging from a minor roof leak (if you catch it quickly) to catastrophic water damage that could wreak havoc with your walls, floors and electrical system (not to mention your belongings). Cleaning out gutters can be a dirty job, but you can make it less so by tackling it on a warm day. Be cautious not to attempt to clean gutters if it has recently rained, as that will make the job dirtier and less pleasant.

Eradicate moss

It may not look green; in fact, moss usually looks black, which can make it difficult to recognize. Moss is problematic to a roof because it traps water (and you know the troubles that can cause). Georgia’s premier roofing company will do more than kill the moss; we’ll take steps to ensure it doesn’t return.

Ventilate and insulate your attic

Your attic represents another adjunct to your roof. And if it’s not properly ventilated and insulated, the roofing material could age well before its time. Proper ventilation is part art, part science. Schedule an attic inspection with Fowler Homes to ensure that these two crucial components are working in tandem with your roof. (You’ll derive greater energy efficiency from proper ventilation and insulation, too.)

Assess it regularly

Walk around your house to look for shingle granules on the ground. Since shingles fray when a roof is deteriorating, finding such evidence will give you a heads-up that you probably need a roof repair.

Schedule a Roof Inspection in Marietta or Canton

Put your mind at ease and schedule an annual roof inspection with Fowler Homes. We’ll assess the condition of your shingles, flashings, and gutters and:

  • Identify and make minor repairs before they mushroom into more expensive ones.
  • Preserve the investment you’ve made in your roof—and maybe even extend its lifespan, too.
  • Ensure that you can depend on your roof to keep you safe and dry.

Contact us online to schedule a roof repair or inspection in Marietta, Canton, Alpharetta, or the surrounding area.

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