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When Is the Best Time to Replace My Roof in Georgia? 

When you consider how important the integrity of your roof is to the safety and efficiency of your home, it pays to keep it well maintained and replace it when necessary. The question is: when is the best time to schedule your roof replacement?

Roof Replacement

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Timing is Everything Roof Replacement

The lifespan of your roof is dependent on the materials used, quality of installation, and climate in your area. In the state of Georgia, the potential for extreme temperatures and storm activity can take a toll on your roof, so it’s imperative that you have it inspected after each major storm in order to keep it in good repair. The most common types of shingles for this region and their average lifespan are as follows:

  • 3-Tab Shingles – 15 to 20 years
  • Asphalt – 15 to 20 years
  • Metal – 40 to 70 years

As your roof approaches the end of its lifespan, you’re likely to encounter more problems and it’s the right time to start thinking about replacing your roof. Once you’ve decided to proceed, you’ll need to schedule a time to have the work completed. Although it is possible to replace a roof at any time of year, certain months and seasons are more desirable than others for a number of reasons.

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Seasonal Roof Replacement


Cooler temperatures not only make the process of roof replacement more dangerous for the work crew, but they can also have a negative impact on materials, making them less effective or brittle. Shingles may crack in freezing temperatures and the bonding properties of the shingles and sealant may be compromised.


Warmer temperatures are much more suitable for a roof replacement, and, because it is considered the off-season for roofing companies, you are more likely to schedule the job on your preferred dates. Spring is also favorable as it falls before storm season, so you can be prepared for whatever nature throws your way.


The summer months are a more popular time for contractors, as many homeowners wait until the weather is more predictable or schedule the installation during their vacation time. While roofers are more likely to see a rise in business during this time of year, the heat and humidity can make the installation process more difficult as higher temperatures can soften asphalt shingles and make them susceptible to damage if walked upon. Summer storms can also cause disruptions in timelines.


If you want to plan your roof replacement in the fall, try to book as far in advance as possible as appointments fill up fast. Milder temperatures are not only easier on the work crew but on the materials as well. Conditions are ideal for asphalt shingles to seal effectively, and your roof will be ready for the colder temperatures ahead.

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Signs You May Need Roof Replacement in Canton

Wondering whether you should repair or replace your existing roof? Watch for these warning signs that point towards a roof replacement.


Shingles don’t have an expiration date, but if your roof is within a few years of its warranty or past the 15-year mark, you should start to plan for a roof replacement. As part of annual roof maintenance, the professionals at Fowler Homes will assess the overall condition of your roof, point out any necessary roof repairs, and advise you when a replacement is imminent.

Curled Shingles

As your roof begins to weather and shingles start to deteriorate they may curl up on the edges, or the middle may start to come up. Once this happens, leaks aren’t far behind and shingles are more likely to come off during heavy winds or rain.

Missing Shingles

A missing shingle here or there can be replaced, although the color of a new one is unlikely to match that of the old. However, having to replace shingles on a regular basis is a sign that you may need an entire roof replacement.


This is a structural concern requiring immediate attention. Call Fowler Exteriors at the first sign of sagging to prevent further damage.

Water Leakage

If you see any signs of water damage in your attic or ceiling, it’s a sign that your roof is no longer able to protect your home. While you may get away with a simple repair, your shingles or roof decking may be past their prime and require replacing.

Granules in Gutters

Once your shingles begin to deteriorate and break down, you’re likely to find granules in your gutters or at the perimeter of your home.

Schedule Roof Replacement in Canton, Georgia

Depending on how long you own your home, you’re likely to need a roof replacement at some time during the course of your stay. The team of experienced, dedicated professionals at Fowler Homes has been providing homeowners throughout the Canton area with expert roofing services for over 20 years, including roof replacement, roof repair, leaky roof repairs, storm damage repair and assessment, and more.

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