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Installing Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles on our roofs have been effectively protecting our homes from the unpleasant weather and the unwanted debris.  Over the years, the roofing industry has continuously come up with a way to improve the durability of our homes. Metal roofing is one of those many ways. 

Installing Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

This includes installing a lightweight metal roof over the pre-existing roof made out of the ordinary asphalt shingles. While it is best to overlap the metal over a newly constructed roof, it is not a bad idea either to place it above an old roof. This means less time will be spent on the overall creation of additional support.

Should I Go For It?

One thing that holds the most noticeable difference between old and new asphalt is its appearance. In other words, the damage of the existing asphalt. This, in turn, can pass on the damage over its metal counterpart. This means you have to even out the surface to ensure a flat and clean canvas for the metal roof.

Roofing professionals are trained to overlook the damage, endorse the latest material and calculate expenses before doing any alterations. However, these are the necessary steps to do if you plan on completing the project alone without their help.

Help prevent further damage by assessing the roof first. This means that the entire mechanical issues have to be considered such as its ventilation or the airflow within it. It is important to ensure that your home remains cool without the need to exert so much energy from constant appliance usage.

Poor Ventilation On Metal Roofing

A common solution is to place strips of wood to prevent the material from restricting air flow regularly throughout the day. The spacing and dimensions of these materials highly depend on the legal building code. In case of doubt, it is best to consult with the manufacturer to acquire a deeper insight.

Parallel to the first consideration, it is just as important to understand what goes under the asphalt shingles as well – this refers to the moisture that can accumulate under it. Placing a synthetic material can greatly help with the absorption of moisture along with the noise that is created by external factors such as the rain and wind.

Make sure everything is set before the installation process. This means that drawing a straight line is helpful as it serves as a guide and as a mold to secure that the metal shingles fit properly and stays in place.

Most materials usually come with a set of instructions to follow for those who wish to renovate their homes. However, it does not hurt to ask your local manufacturer for clarification to ensure that the job is well-done. A mistake, in this case, can be quite expensive as it means putting in more effort, time and a call to your roofing professional crew to help you with the project.

As Always, Safety First

It is quite crucial for your home’s overall safety to know how to effectively install metal roofing because it does not serve as a mere additional roof – it has its own intertwining system with its own set of mechanisms. This usually includes four shingles that should interlock by themselves.

Hence, a very specific set of instructions are required to be followed accurately. A domino effect could take place should one of the shingles be loose. This weakens the support and that is one of the scenarios that homeowners should avoid at all costs.

If unsure of any of the aforementioned processes, it is best to ask advice from experienced contractors and other professionals in the industry to ensure a smooth flow with the installation. Just like any other initiative, your own safety always comes first.

Sunny days are the best working conditions. When it rains it tends to become very slippery. In addition, you should always wear gloves and safety shoes to prevent yourself from stepping on nails and other hazards. 

If done right, your newly installed metal roofing Roswell GA can last longer than the regular ones. Be ready to reap the benefit of your hard work as you sit back, relax and enjoy.

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