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Chimney Repair And Chimney Leak

After a large rain or because of weather damage over the years your chimney may have water penetrating the edges causing a chimney leak and extensive damage over time. Fowler Exteriors has been identifying chimney leaks and fixing chimney repairs for the past 20 years in Canton, Roswell, Jasper, and all of the surrounding cities in North Georgia.

Signs You Have A Chimney Leak

Have you ever noticed water dripping down the wall near the chimney or hear water dripping down the inside of your chimney? Or maybe, there is a new stain or watermark on the ceiling and wall adjacent to the chimney. If you see any of these signs then you may have a chimney leak. A leak can appear in a few different ways.

Below is a List of the Top 5 Signs You May Have a Chimney Leak

  • A stain on the wall or ceiling adjacent to the chimney
  • The sound of water dripping down the inside of the chimney
  • Original Flashing is rusting, old, worn out, or damaged
  • Rotted or cracked siding
  • Missing a chimney cricket

Three Problem Areas Around The Chimney

Flashing, siding, and chimney crickets are a few of the main problem areas around the chimney. One or all of these areas can be the source of the chimney leak and roof damage. After identifying one of the 5 signs of a chimney leak, call Fowler Exteriors and we will inspect the chimney and roof for free. Fowler Exteriors will look at the problem areas to determine the best solution for your chimney repair. Below are a few examples of flashing, siding, and chimney cricket problems, and an explanation of why those areas are vulnerable to leaks.

Damaged Step Flashing And Missing Kick Out Flashing

A chimney needs step flashing installed behind and along the side of the roof at all chimney wall transitions. Step flashing creates a waterproof seal between roof and wall. I also protects the vulnerable area where the chimney meets the roof. Many chimneys also need kick-out flashing installed to divert water away from the siding and walls. Step flashing runs along the transitions in an L shape to help protect the vulnerable areas. Kick-out flashing is installed at the edge of step flashing to kick water in the direction of a gutter or non problem area. A leak will appear if step flashing or kick-out flashing is missing, poorly installed, exposed to storms, or a nail penetrates the seal. Subsequently if water is not diverted away from problem areas properly extensive damage will occur over time.

Rotted and Cracked Chimney Siding Can Cause A Chimney Leak

When siding touches the roofline there is no barrier to keep water out, causing it to expand and contract over time. This can cause the cracked brittle look. Siding should be 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches off of the roof to keep water from soaking into it. Water that penetrates the roof and chimney can not only cause damage to the siding. It will also cause damage to the wood behind the siding. Consequently cracked and damaged siding on the chimney will cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly. First the damaged siding will need to be removed and the damaged area behind the siding will need to be addressed. After the damage is replaced with new decking and covered in ice and water shield, and then the flashing and siding will be replaced.

Importance Of A Chimney Cricket To Prevent A Chimney Leak

Water can pool around the chimney base eventually causing a chimney leak. A chimney cricket can be installed at the back base of the chimney to keep water from penetrating the vulnerable area. A cricket is a small triangular roof coming off of the main roof, and pushes water to either side and away from the base of the chimney. The peak and slope should be higher than the base roof to divert water in the right direction. An inspection of the chimney area will determine if the chimney needs a new or larger cricket installed. Call Fowler Exteriors and we will install a new frame, decking, underlayment, flashing, and shingles or metal at the rear base of the chimney to divert water from the problem area.

Chimney Leaks and Repairs

A chimney leak may seem like a small problem at first, but left undiagnosed the leak can cause serious damage to your home. Water damage and moisture around your chimney will cause rot, mold, and deterioration of the chimney and surrounding areas. Once you have established a chimney leak call a professional such as Fowler Exteriors to do a roof and chimney inspection. Then Fowler Exteriors will provide a photo report and free estimate of the chimney leak to all of North Georgia including Canton, Roswell, Jasper, and all surrounding cities.

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