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should i stay home during roof replacement

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

For decades, our roofs have been protecting us from the different elements of the climate. However, just like every other building material that we use for our home, it does have a limited lifespan, and sooner or later, we’ll have to replace it. 

Roof replacement can be a momentous point in a homeowner’s life. Not only will you be spending thousands of dollars in roofing materials, but the whole replacement process will take a week on average. Not only that, but it is also a big investment to think about since you’ll be placing in time, money, and effort on your roof. 

But before we can reach a final verdict on whether we should be staying in the same home that’s being worked on or not, we have to first weigh-in on the factors and ask ourselves “Is it safe?” 

Factors to Consider

If you’re looking at an average-sized roof, this will take a couple of days for the roof replacement to finish. Roof replacements typically require a considerable amount of manpower, which means that there will be workers who will be walking around on your roof. Although we try our best to make sure that our workers are professional and won’t cause a whole lot of noise, it’s something that can’t be avoided. So you’ll need to weigh-in on several factors of your home before proceeding with anything. 


Children are known for being playful and being curious in general. It’s common for us to see children observing workers as they go on with their daily tasks on your roof. If you do have children at your home, it’s best to orient and inform them first of the safety hazards that roof replacement entails while providing them with helmets making sure that they are aware to not interfere with the roof replacement. 


Pets are extremely sensitive to loud noises and sounds, especially those that they don’t know where it comes from. To keep your pets relaxed, it’s best to keep them as far away from the roof replacement as possible. If you do have friends who are volunteering in temporarily ‘adopting’ your pets, then you can give it to them for the time being. 


Of course, falling debris isn’t just detrimental towards the inhabitants of the house, but can also cause damage to cars and other personal belongings that you might have. It’s highly recommended that you keep cars far away from the roof replacement so that it won’t get damaged and scratched. 

Furniture and Landscapes 

Since roof replacement can be a bit messy, most debris will end up in your yard. In most cases, this debris can damage your furniture and any plants that you might have in your garden.  

You can consult your landscaper and gardener before and right after the roof replacement so necessary preparations can be made to mitigate any damages to your yard’s furniture, plants, and landscape.

Why Shouldn’t You Stay At Home During A Roof Replacement

Falling Debris

Replacing a roof is basically a full construction project that involves tearing off the old roof, installing new insulating and waterproof layers, and then putting in other structures aside from the final roof cover. Throughout this entire process, there is a high chance that a few materials will fall from your property. Falling debris can be potentially hazardous to the safety of you, your family, and even your pets.

Suspended Dust

If you’re allergic to sawdust and other particles, then it’s best to stay away from your home when your roof is being replaced. Inhaling these particles can lead to respiratory complications. If you do plan on staying under the same home, then it’s recommended that you wear a respiratory mask.

Noise Pollution

Most of the time, there will be people walking around your roof. If you can’t stand the noise of people working on your roof, then you can always sleep or relax at a friend’s home. You can also wear muffled earbuds if your ears are extra sensitive. 

At the end of the day, you don’t really have to stay inside your home when your roofing Marietta GA is being replaced. If you can stand the noise, the dust is suspended in the air, the messy debris falling off your roof and the potentially hazardous materials, then make sure that you’re ready. However, if you do want to stay inside your home while the process is being

done, then it’s best to make the necessary preparations to make sure that all the inhabitants in your home are safe and comfortable. Safety takes priority over everything else. 

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