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my roof is leaking what should i do

My Roof Is Leaking – What Should I Do?

Roofs are essential components of a home. These structures act as a primary line of defense against the different elements of the weather while also creating a clear boundary between what’s ‘outside’  from what’s ‘inside’ your home. Moreover, roofs are designed to keep your home dry through a set of different materials that are installed in your roof that makes sure water and moisture do not penetrate your roof’s interiors.  However, just like every other building material that we can find in our local builder’s depot, not every roofing material is perfect and most are still susceptible to damage and leaks. Here is what to do with a leaking roof.

Causes and Future Preventive Measures

A leaking roof should actually be taken as a sign of a problem rather than as the main problem. The easiest solution to a roof leak would be to cover up that portion of the ceiling to prevent water from dripping down. However, this only works as a temporary solution. The leaking may stop, but the underlying causes of the leak have not been addressed. Thus, you can expect your roof to start leaking again in a few days or weeks’ time.

In order to really fix a leaking roof, determining the root cause and applying direct fixes to that specific problem is the only way to prevent recurring leakage.

Trim Your Trees

Trees form a natural canopy for your roof, but during the fall season, the falling leaves become debris on your roof which will disrupt the flow of rainwater and snow as it falls on your roof. Moreover, the canopy of trees can also interfere with powerlines and wirings. It’s best to trim your trees to make sure that there is enough ‘breathing’  space for your roof. 

Unclog Your Gutters And Downspouts

One of the most common reasons why leaks form is that gutters and downspouts are clogged by debris and leaves that have accumulated on the gutter’s passageways. This could lead to more problems since water is redirected towards the roof instead of being routed away from it. Eventually, this can cause water to start pooling in certain areas. 

Check Out The Collars And Flashings

Improperly placed flashings and collars can form gaps that can create leaks. These gaps are created when shingles and other roofing materials expand and recede as it’s exposed to varying amounts of temperature which can cause stress to the collars and flashings and thereby causing gaps and leaks to form. To prevent this, it’s best to regularly check on your flashings and collars for damages. 

Repairing A Leaking Roof

Get Objects Out Of The Way

The first thing that most people do, probably by instinct, when they try to repair a roof leak is to focus on keeping home furniture and other indoor items dry. If you do find any leaks, it’s best to move the objects away from where the water is hitting. 

Cover Everything Else

Not everything in the house can be moved since it’s either too heavy or simply takes too much time and effort. Covering everything else can make sure that the water will not damage these items.

Catch The Leaking Water

If the leaking water is constantly flowing, having a bucket or any type of large container ready to hold the dripping water is recommended. This will prevent the water from causing any puddles on the floor. A wet floor can be hazardous. When the major preparations have been set, seeking advice from a roofing contractor on how to proceed with the next steps is an easy way to find a solution.

Relieve Heavy Pressure on The Ceilings

If you see swollen or warped areas in your roof, then this is a tell-tale sign that there is water that’s pooling on several parts of the roof. It’s recommended that you poke a hole on the swollen part to relieve the stress and pressure on your roof. 

Call A Roofing Specialist

If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, then you can always contact your local roofing contractor. Having a professional contractor that has years of experience can help keep your roof dry and free from any leaks. 

Take Photos For Insurance 

If you’re going to be filing an insurance claim, then documenting the damages can help you expedite the process.

At the end of the day, prevention is better than having to repair your roof. Life might be unpredictable and we won’t know when a leak will form on our roof, but we can always take the necessary precautions and measures to mitigate any chances that these will form. 

Last but definitely not the least bit of advice that we leave you with is this: Do not panic. A leaking roof can be problematic but not impossible to fix. However, it would be best to repair it soon to avoid further problems with your roofing Marietta GA.

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