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How to Spot Damages to the Roof

Did a hailstorm, high winds, or torrential rain recently hit your North Atlanta home? These types of storms – which can knock down trees and cause blackouts – certainly have the power to damage your shingles. But was your roof actually damaged enough in the recent storm to warrant a repair or replacement? Follow these steps to identify roof damage so you can file an insurance claim if necessary.

Look for Signs of Storm Damage on Your Property

Before you call a professional to look at your roof, assess any property damage from the ground. Here’s what to look for:

  • Dented mailboxes, gutter downspouts, AC units, and siding
  • Torn window screens
  • Broken tree branches
  • Roof shingles on the ground

If the recent storm did this sort of harm to your property, it’s likely your roof sustained damage as well.

Inspect Your Attic

Any wet insulation, rotted wood, or other signs of water damage indicate a potential roof leak. You might even spot water stains on the ceiling or walls if the leak is significant enough. If you put off roof repair after identifying these signs of damage, the next storm could make the problem even worse.

Stay Safe

We advise against climbing onto your roof without professional training. This dangerous job could put your life at risk. Instead, contact a professional roofer for the in-depth damage assessment you need.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

At Fowler Exteriors, we offer free 15-point roof inspections to thoroughly assess storm damage and other problems with your roof. We’ll give you our expert opinion regarding whether you should file an insurance claim to have your roof repaired or replaced. Here’s a quick glance at what a roof inspection from Fowler Homes includes:

  1. Check for hailstone impacts and dented vent covers.
  2. Look for roof damage caused by strong winds, including missing, creased, or poorly sealed shingles.
  3. Determine whether the damage is widespread and requires a roof replacement, or if a localized roof repair will suffice.
  4. Assess dormer windows above the roof line for leaks.
  5. Inspect step flashing for rust and loose fasteners.
  6. Check counter flashing around chimneys and roof-to-wall transitions for proper seals.
  7. Verify the presence of drip edge and suggest installing it if needed.
  8. Inspect the chimney for leaks.
  9. Check the pipe boots around plumbing exhaust vents for signs of deterioration and dry rot.
  10. Examine the valleys (where roof slopes intersect) for proper flashing and installation.
  11. Check the roof decking to pinpoint leaks and rotting.
  12. Inspect HVAC roof penetrations for correct installation and flashing.
  13. Determine if there’s a sufficient number of exhaust vents for proper attic ventilation.
  14. Examine nail heads for popping, rubbing, and other problems associated with improper shingle fastening.
  15. Assess asphalt shingles for blistering, a sign of inadequate ventilation leading to excessive attic temperatures in the summer.

Contact Fowler Exteriors for Roof Services in Canton, Marietta & Jasper

If you’re not sure about the damage your roof has sustained, it’s wise to schedule a professional roof inspection before you file an insurance claim. Then, if you decide to repair your roof or install an entire replacement roof, Fowler Homes offers the affordable, quality roofing services you need. For help identifying roof damage, or for a free roof repair or replacement quote, please contact us at 770-377-8009 today.

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