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I recently received a call from a customer in Alpharetta asking if we provide emergency repairs for roof leaks. The frantic homeowner had been making multiple calls trying to reach a roofing company that could come out immediately and stops water from rushing into the home. Glancing at my clock, I saw that it was 7:00 pm and agreed to come out within the hour. At Fowler Homes, we believe that you can save hundreds of dollars by stopping leaky roofs before they cause major damage to decking, drywall and electrical components, so we always do our best to come out right away. Before you continue reading Call us at 770-744-5992 to schedule someone to come out and look at your roof. Listed below are some steps you can take to limit the damage caused by roof leaks until Fowler Homes arrives to solve the problem. Click this link to learn about our Roof Replacement Process.

  • Bucket in Attic
  • Air moving in room
  • Shut off electricity at breaker box

Bucket in Attic

If you call your insurance company to report a leak in your roof, you will often be asked to put a tarp on the roof until an adjuster can come out and inspect the damage. While tarps are great and we install them all the time, they may not be the most practical solution for a homeowner when water is rushing into your home at 3 am on a Sunday evening. If you have access to your attic, you may consider putting a bucket under the leak. Be sure to place the bucket over two ceiling joists and not directly onto the drywall below. Also be careful while walking in your attic as stepping through the ceiling can be both painful and expensive.

Air Moving in Affected Room

If you have lived in Alpharetta or anywhere else in Georgia very long, you are well aware of how quickly mold can grow in humid environments where there is little air movement and excess heat. Make sure you keep the air conditioner on or open some windows in the room where the leak occurred. Most of the moisture from your leaky roof is naturally in your home’s attic, but if your roof is properly ventilated, the movement of air should prevent any mold growth in the short term.

Shut Off Power at Electrical Panel

If you notice your roof leaking into light fixtures or water coming from your receptacles, it’s important to make sure that you turn off the electricity to the affected rooms. Turning off the light switches might help but to be safe consider turning the power off at the electrical panel. Also give the fixtures at least 24 hours to dry out before you turn them back on.

We often get calls at Fowler Homes in a panic when homeowners notice a roof leak. Although it is important to deal with any leaks as soon as possible, your home is most likely okay. However, if a storm has caused major damage, you should call an emergency roof repair company right away. If you’re located in the Atlanta metro area, feel free to call Fowler Homes any time day or night or you can fill out our form here. If you have any questions about your roof leak, send me an email here or call me personally at 770-744-5992, and I will try my best to answer any questions you have.

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