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Metal Ribbed Panel Roofs

The most popular type of residential metal roofs being installed in Canton and all throughout the Atlanta area is ribbed panel metal roofing.  This article will discuss why a homeowner might consider metal R-Panels, common installation methods, colors of metal roofing offered, and what someone might expect to pay for a new metal roof.  Interested in other other types of metal roofing, we discuss all the residential metal roofing options here.

Is A Metal Roof Right For Your Home?

We often get calls from customers wondering if a metal roof is right for their home.  To answer this question, we first must consider a few important factors.

  • Options
  • Budget
  • HOA Requirements
  • Misconceptions

Roofing Options

When deciding on a new roof for your home, the two most common options in Canton and Atlanta are asphalt shingles and metal roofs.  At Fowler Homes, we install both roofing systems, so we aren’t biased toward one system over the other. We also realize that different homes have different needs.  While advances in asphalt shingles have greatly increased their average lifespan, it still falls short of the average 50-year life expectancy of a new metal roof. Even though the initial cost of metal roofing is often higher, the lifetime cost is reduced because of metal roofing’s durability.  Another comparison point between the two roofing systems is color.  Most shingle manufacturers offer between 6-15 shingle colors, while there are over 30 metal roofing colors from which to choose.  This gap is closing as more and more options are being offered by shingle manufacturers such as GAF.  The final major comparison point between shingles and metal roofing is maintenance.  Many people think that residential metal roofing is maintenance-free.  Although it is minimal, you will need to have the screws retightened about every 10-15 years if you install an exposed fastener metal roof system.  Both roofing systems will need to be cleaned, but metal roofing can be cleaned with water, while asphalt roofs will often need to be cleaned with chemicals to remove any algae.

Metal Roofing Cost/ Budget

If you have decided that a metal roof is right for your home, the next thing you most likely want to know is how much is it going to cost.  Unlike asphalt shingles, the complexity of your roof plays a major role in the cost.  Each panel of a metal roof is cut to size, whereas all shingles are three feet wide and easily formed with a razor knife.  While a simple ranch home with no dormers is often comparable in price to installing architectural shingles on the same home, a complex hip with pitch changes and multiple dormers could cost thousands more than installing an asphalt roof.  One area that you can save money with installing a metal roof is there is no need to remove the existing roof.  While we remove any existing roofing when installing asphalt shingles, most metal roofing manufacturers allow their product to be installed on top of your existing roof as long as proper underlayment is used.  As a general rule of thumb, expect to pay anywhere from $275.00-$450.00 per sq (100 SQ Foot) for your typical residential metal roof as opposed to $200.00-$300.00 per sq for an asphalt shingle roof.  These prices are highly local in the metro Atlanta area, including Canton, Jasper, Cartersville, Rome, Cumming, and Alpharetta.

HOA Requirements

If you live in a community with covenants, it’s advisable that you first check with your HOA when considering a metal roof.  While we think new metal roofs look great, you might run into some push back with your HOA if you proceed without their permission.  If your HOA refuses and you really want metal, there are other options such as metal shingles.

Metal Roofing Misconceptions

When deciding on what type of roofing system to install, it is important to know what you are getting.  Often homeowners will ask for a “tin roof” when talking about metal roofing and in their head they imagine a late summer day as they lay in bed and listen to the rain on their new metal roof.  If this is your expectation, you will be disappointed to find out new metal roofs over proper decking will make no more sound than your previous roof.  If you are worried that metal roofs will be too loud, then put your fears to rest.  Another misconception homeowners have is that metal roofs are prone to lightning strikes.  Even without being grounded, metal roofing is actually safer than traditional lighting rods as they dissipate any lightning over the entire roof system, leaving your home unharmed.

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