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Tips For Choosing a Color for Your Metal Roof

Choosing a metal roof color on Georgia

When it comes time to choosing metal roofing for your home, this can be an exciting experience, especially considering all the options available to you today.  However, metal roofing is about much more than just options, it’s also about functions and benefits as well.

One of the other things to consider is the color because believe it or not, they come in many other colors besides silver or gray.  Colors will allow you to coordinate the roof to your home or make it look a certain way.  Here are a few things to consider when it comes to metal roofing.

Quality of Paint Used

Anyone can go and paint a metal roof, but if you want one that will stand up to the elements and bad weather conditions, as well as continue to look beautiful for years to come, you need to choose a roof or a paint for that matter that has been treated with a special acrylic resin—one that blocks ultraviolet light.  Not only is this a kind of paint that will help prevent fading and peeling, but it also helps lessen the chance for rust and water infiltration.

Coordinating Paint Colors

If you are having a really difficult time choosing which metal roofing colors to use, consider the overall style, design and paint on all the other parts of your home.  For example, if you have a more modern house, with gray paint, white trim, you might want to use a color that compliments those other colors such as stone white, white or even a color called Champagne.

Or maybe you have a traditional home—traditional homes tend to use neutral colors, so you would want to use a more traditional approach when choosing roof colors.

Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing Colors

In the same way that if you go outside on a hot day wearing a black shirt versus a white shirt, the same goes with roof colors.  You want a roof color that won’t turn your home into an oven.

If you live in the North Atlanta, GA area, you would want to choose a more energy efficient color like white, light bronze, peach, light green, light blue, etc.  Lighter colors will protect your home from high heat and could lower your energy expenses from 15% to 30% easily.

Custom Color Profiles

Metal roofing companies in northern Georgia already offer a wide range of default colors like blues, greens, reds, blacks, grays, etc.  However, if you have one specific color in mind and they don’t offer it, ask if they offer custom color profiles.  Most of the time they will be able to make up the color you want—at a cost.  Yea, this definitely does cost a lot more, but it might be worth it if you really have your heart set on a certain color. You can also find 2 tones variegated colors that will make your roof even more aesthetically pleasing.

Metal Roofing Installation with Fowler Homes

Fowler Homes takes great pride in our work, treating as an art as much as a job. We pledge to offer only the absolute best on every project, and can ensure we meet your every standard. Your unique needs are our top consideration! For more information in metal roof installation in Georgia, or to find out how we can best assist you, contact us today!

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