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Custom Homes: 4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Property

Finding Property In Canton Ga

Before you can build your Dream Home you first have to find the perfect piece of property.  Finding the right piece of property is more than looking for the lowest price.  The location and terrain of our homes affect what we build, either through design constraints because of the property, budgets for home construction because of how much we spent on the land or local zoning codes and sometimes Homeowner Association requirements that can determine exterior finishes.

Layout Of The Property

In 2007 we built a home on a lot that we purchased from a developer.  The lot was in a great subdivision and we were aware of setbacks.  While looking at the lot there was a little concern because a portion of the property dropped off steeply to a creek, but it had nice views and could be a selling point with the right home.  Then came time for a visit to planning and development for approval of where the house was the sit on the property, a nice flat area that would allow for easy access and leave plenty of room for privacy between the neighbors.  Unfortunately, the examiner who reviewed our plans didn’t think our plans took into account the soils and required us to move our home from the flat section of the property to the steep section that had worried us when looking at the lot.  To make a long story short this little detail cost us thousands of dollars during building and changed the home plans we were able to use.  So when looking at properties it’s important to keep in mind that saving $5000.00 on a lot might end up costing you $10,000.00 in extra construction cost and prevent you from building a house that truly satisfies your needs.  Be sure to ask for all plats and soil test if they are available and review the information with your builder.

 Location Of The Property

Most families look for property on the weekend when traffic isn’t an issue.  It’s a great idea to take into consideration your daily commute.  Set aside a morning where you start your daily routine from the property you are considering.  This will give you an accurate gauge of how much time you will be spending in the car and away from your family, especially if you commute often.  Repeat this same process after work in the evening.  If you are familiar with Atlanta you know that a drive on Saturday that takes 20 minutes might turn into an hour-long commute or more on a Monday morning.

Zoning Laws

Not every piece of property is created equal in the eyes of the local zoning boards.  While you may look at a lot and decide that your house will fit perfectly, you might be prevented from building the home you want if you aren’t within zoning rules.  Make sure you know how each piece of property is zoned.  You can only build within so many feet of the property line depending on zoning and this will sometime affect the house plan you are able to use.  While at a zoning and variance meeting one afternoon I listened to a homeowner pleading with the zoning board for a variance.  The builder had constructed the home two feet over the setbacks and was forced to tear down the structure and start over.  This is a rare case and most likely wouldn’t be important but make sure you verify everything before starting your project.

Local Amenities

Recently while walking my dog through the woods I came across some new trails and a bridge over the river that led to the new park being constructed.   The city had plans for this park and bridge years ago but put everything on hold when budgets got tight.  However, these trails and the park was one of the determining factors I used when deciding on where to live.  Be sure to check future development plans to help you decide if an area is right for you and your family.  While our homes are important the community we decide to build is equally important.

Of course, there are many other things to consider when looking for property so be sure to consult your realtor and feel free to call me any time at 770-744-5992 or email me at  If the property is nearby Canton let us know and we would be happy to walk it with you.

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