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Common Roofing Problems in Georgia

common roofing problems, damaged roof

Do you have a Georgia roofing problem?  Sometimes roofing problems are obvious, like when the gutter on the house gets crushed or the gutter starts to come off the side of the house altogether.  In other situations, however, roofing problems are unclear and hard to identify, let alone figuring out how to fix these issues.  If you think you might have Georgia roofing problems, continue to read below for a variety of issues, as well as some fixes on how to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently so that you can have your roof back ASAP.

Common Roofing Problems You’ll Find in Georgia

Blown Away

High winds are one of the leading causes to roofs being blown away or blown off – partially or altogether.  The part of the roof that this usually happens to the most is the highest point of the roof.  Other parts of the home can also be blown away such as the roof sheathing and the felt on the roof.  The Fix:  This is no easy feat, thankfully you do have professionals that can fix it for you.  They will fix it by installing a brand new roof and install one that is specifically for high winds and future storms so that it can stand up to Mother Nature!

Structural Damage

Another issue in Georgia and surrounding states is when you have high winds and things like trees or tree limbs fall onto the roof.  The impact and weight of these objects can create small issues like punctures on up to huge issues like the entire roof collapsing.  The Fix:  A professional that deals with Georgia roofing problems will come in and assess the situation.  If they think that the roof has just small punctures those will be fixed accordingly.  However, if it’s a bigger problem, you will need a whole new roof installment.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Some types of roof shingles can show certain signs of damage, but this is more about wear and tear than anything else.  In some other cases, though, you may have damaged or missing shingles because of the wind, trees falling on the roof or even foot traffic.  The Fix:  A professional will come in and inspect the roof to see if you have any shingle issues.  Next they will decide to either fix those individually, or they will install all brand new shingles, not just the ones that need to be fixed.

Roof Leaks

Another very bad problem, roof leaks can happen because of many reasons, but in Georgia the culprit is usually a tree branch that has broken off and essentially punctured or stabbed your roof.  The Fix: A professional will need to come in and inspect the roof.  They will not only be looking at the roof but vents, the chimney, and the flashing as well.

Missing or Damaged Flashing

One of the main jobs of roof flashing is to keep water from storms away from any materials inside the roofing or house.  If the flashing is missing altogether or it’s damaged, you can guarantee it will lead to bigger issues down the line.  The Fix:  A professional that deals with Georgia roofing will come in and inspect the roof.  If it’s missing or damaged the roof flashing will need to be reinstalled properly to fix the issue at hand.

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