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3 Layers of Shingle on Roof – Recommended?

3 layers of shingle on roof

Shingles are tiles that are either flat or curved. These tiles interlock with each other to create a protective layer on top of your roof deck. The main purpose of this layer is to create a path for water channels to flow off to the edge of the roof to avoid the formation of puddles on the top of your home. Without this structure, water is likely to accumulate and cause damage to your property.

There are many different types of materials that can be used to create these shingles. However, whatever material is used, shingle roofs can only be installed on pitched roofs that slope downwards. Roofs that are not angled and retain a flat plain-like structure should use other types of roofing. The common materials used to create shingles are asphalt, clay, metal, vinyl, and wood. The most common material being Asphalt, owing to its durability, aesthetics, easy installation, and inexpensive cost.

Benefits of Roof Shingles

Aside from giving your home a good looking roof, shingles are a common preference by homeowners because of the many other benefits they provide.

Long Lifespan

While different materials offer a range of lifespans for your roof, the use of shingles, in general, give your roof much more longevity than other roofing options. Because these are tiles that overlap, they create a durable woven structure that protects your home. Damaged portions of your roof can be easily repaired by swapping out the old and broken shingles for new ones.

Easy Installation

Some types of shingles can be easier to install than others but because shingles are smaller components that you put together on the roof, they are a lot easier and quicker to install than other pieces. On average, installing shingles should take 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the home, the number of people working in the crew, and the type of material the shingle is made of.


Roof shingles have varied strengths and durability but most are able to last well beyond 20 years. Other types of shingles can even last more than 50 years with proper roof maintenance and care.


The previously mentioned properties all support the efficiency of the use of shingles for roofing. The last feature of shingle roofs is that is an affordable option for many homeowners. With the various materials, they can choose from, and even more brand options available, the cost would well be worth it, especially with the durability this type of roof offers.

Shingle Roof Layers

There are some homes that have 2 or more layers of shingles on the roof. While this is an unlikely sight in Georgia because of housing restrictions, there are still some contractors who put multiple layers of shingles on the roof. This should actually be avoided due to a number of reasons.

  • It can actually cost you more when you’ll need to remove 2 layers on your next roof replacement. Not to mention if the added layer goes against building policies in your area. In this case, it will definitely cost you more to have to take it down.
  • Inadequate roofing support. The added layer may put too much weight on the roof deck and cause damage to the structure of your home. Old shingles are still likely to break, curl up, or break off from the roof even when they are under the new layer. When this happens, it will affect the layers on top and cause a domino effect where the new shingles could also break loose. Even if they still stay intact, some gaps could still have formed and caused some moisture to get in. This, then, will cause even more damage from the inside.
  • Contractors will have a hard time working on repairs since they will have to go through all the layers on the roof. Not only is it harder to locate the source of a leak or the areas where mold has started to grow, but it will also take longer and cost you more to replace all the layers on that damaged portion.
  • Unappealing aesthetics. The more layers you add on to your roof, the thicker it starts to look. It is also likely to look lumpy in some areas since there will be some uneven surfaces as you install more and more layers.

Reasons to Not Add More Layers

These are the numerous reasons that should deter you from even thinking about adding more layers to your roof. However, to be fair, there are also a few advantages that you could get from this.

  • Cheaper. When you only consider the cost of the installation, overlaying a new layer of shingles can cost a lot less than tearing off the old roof. However, as mentioned before, it can still cost you more in the long run. But, if you’re looking to save or are on a tight budget at the time, it could be a viable option.
  • Less Mess. Because the team no longer needs to tear off the old roof, the whole process will not require much of an after-installation clean up.
  • Faster. Without the need to tear-off the old roof, the crew can get straight to installing the new shingles. This can save up to a whole day of labor. Even considering all the advantages you can get from a shingle overlay, a good contractor would still not recommend an added layer over a full replacement.

Overall, the main benefit that you can get from an overlay is just the cheaper cost, which isn’t exactly cheaper when you think ahead.

If you’re living in Canton Georgia, you can avoid having to cut costs and adding more layers by getting your roof assessed by our team here at Fowler Homes Inc. We are here to handle all your roofing and home building needs. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have a team of professional craftsmen who can help you out.

You can visit Fowler Homes at the office at 118 Riverwatch Court, Canton, Georgia 30114, or call us up at 470-361-2454.

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