What You Need to Know About Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is one of the most popular materials for the majority of residential homes. They provide a number of great benefits and boast an impressive lifespan. Costs for the installation of one of these roofs vary for a variety of reasons. At Fowler Exteriors, we know roofing, and for more than 15 years we’ve been providing premier services to homeowners in Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, and the surrounding areas.

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How to Price an Asphalt Roof

As one of the most popular roofing materials in use today, asphalt shingles make a strong case to be the right choice for your roof! They provide a number of great benefits and boast an impressive lifespan. At Fowler Exteriors, we know roofing, and for more than 15 years we’ve made our craft into an art form. Here are some factors we will consider in order to properly price your asphalt roofing materials:

  • Square footage – The first thing a professional roofer will do upon inspecting your roof is to measure its size. Roofs are measured – and priced – in “squares.” A square is 100 square feet, so a modest one-story home of 1500 square feet will need about 15 squares of roofing Canton GA.
  • Quality of materials – There are several grades of asphalt shingles and they all come in a variety of styles and colors. In particular, shingles will come with 10, 20, or 30 year warranties—obviously the longest lasting being the most expensive. In addition, there are dimensional—also known as “architectural”—shingles that are usually thicker and have distinctive shapes.
  • General complications – The real difficulty of installing an asphalt roof is dependent on a number of things. How high it is off the ground, how steep is its pitch, and how many “valleys” the house has are just some of the factors that will each escalate the price. In short, a completely flat roof is the easiest and is least costly to install, but it just gets more expensive from there.

In the roofing process, there are numerous other things to consider other than just the shingles. In short, most roofing problems cannot be identified from the ground. It takes a professional walking the roof to get the job done.

The Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Are you wondering why asphalt shingles tend to be a popular choice in Georgia? This roofing material boasts the following:

  • Affordability. Asphalt roof shingles are manufactured very quickly, and the materials used are fairly readily available. This makes the shingles cost-efficient and highly affordable.
  • Durability. Don’t allow the price to fool you, asphalt roofing materials carry a very long lifespan. Homeowners can generally anticipate a minimum of twenty faithful years of service from their shingles, often more, depending on the style and brand used.
  • Thermal barriers. Asphalt shingles have a reflective surface, pushing heat from the sun off of your roof. This can help keep energy costs down in our warmer Georgian summers!
  • Versatility. There are a variety of cuts, textures, styles, and colors for asphalt shingle roofs. This gives a homeowner a lot of leeway in appearance, allowing you to tailor a look that suits your tastes best.

Professional Roofing in the Canton Area with Fowler Exteriors

As you can see, the pricing for asphalt roofing can vary by quite a lot. Nevertheless, it still remains the most affordable type of roofing available. For further information on asphalt roofs and on other new home topics in the Atlanta area, please contact us at Fowler Exteriors. We can be contacted online or reached directly by phone at 770-377-8009.

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