Tin Roofing in Canton, GA

Tin roofing in Canton, GA can provide unique and appealing options to a home or business owner seeking the perfect metal roofing material for their structure. At Fowler Exteriors, our experts have been handling projects involving tin for years, and overall we find it to be an excellent option.

Tin is one of the lightest and most flexible roofing materials, allowing for unique design decisions, and highly effective patterns and coverage. The malleability inherent in the metal makes for excellent weather protection, and allows for a variety of tin roofing types. This is great news for patrons, as it allows for plenty of customization, and allows the creation of a unique roof that specifically suits your needs.

Does a tin roof sound like the solution you’ve been seeking for your Georgia home or business? Contact the certified specialists at Fowler Exteriors today to learn more about our roofing solutions in Canton and surrounding areas! Curious about what your peers have to say about us? have a look at the generous testimonials provided by previous customers!

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Common Tin Roofing Types

Tin roofing is generally found in one of a few specific styles, though custom options are available, depending on location.

Standing-Seam Tin Roofs

Standing seam roofs provide a handsome option, that add durability to the structure of tin. A standing-seam roof provides additional weatherproofing with their raised seams (“Standing seam” isn’t just a pet name), and are excellent at repelling and preventing water damage.

Ribbed Panel Tin Roofing

A ribbed panel roof provides a practical, industrial-looking roof that resists weather and sun damage. Similar to the corrugated metal roofs of the past, ribbed panel roofs improve upon the concept and provide additional benefits in durability and longevity.

Tin Shingle Roofs

Tin shingle takes advantage of the inherent low-weight of the material, and is much lighter than asphalt shingles, and lower even than other metal roofing materials.

The Benefits of a Tin Roof in Canton

Tin carries many of the same perks as other metal roofing materials, but brings a few unique benefits to the table as well.

  • Weight. Tin is the lightest of all metal roofing materials, easing the load on your structure and reducing stress on the foundation.
  • Style. Similar to copper roofing, tin is often sought for its uniqueness of appearance. A tin roof is unmistakable, and offers a very artistic appeal.
  • Reduced cost. Tin stands as an excellent substitute for copper, as both are unique and similar in appearance, but tin is by far the less costly option.
  • Rust-proof. For rust to form, iron must be present in the composition of metal, and though tin is treated with other metals, non-iron options are available, leaving you with a roof that will not rust. Even when iron is used, a tin roof is still highly resistant to corrosion.

Considerations for a Tin Roof Installation

It is important to note that while tin is a cost effective option, and is quite strong, it is a victim of its own unique properties. Tin tends to be softer than other metal roofing types, and may incur dents and pocks in areas where extreme weather is common. Proper maintenance does much to alleviate this concern, but it absolutely bears mention. With reasonable amounts of maintenance, you can still anticipate a lifetime-length roof from tin.

Gorgeous Tin Roofs in Canton, Georgia with Fowler Exteriors

At Fowler Exteriors, we take great pride in our ability to provide our consumers with the very best in roofing. This means the best skill, service and materials we can provide, and we never rest until you have a roof that is both gorgeous, and strong. If you would like to learn more about our tin roofing services, or other roofing services we provide, contact us today!

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