GAF Shingles

If we told you GAF roofing solutions are an excellent option for your home or business roofing needs, would you know what we were talking about? Odds are, not really. And though it’s absolutely true that GAF roofing products are positively excellent, we understand that knowing why plays an integral role to you actually choosing them. So, why do the certified specialists at Fowler Homes trust in GAF products so much? Let’s have a little chat about it!

What Is GAF Roofing?

GAF (General Aniline & Film) is a storied company out of Jersey. They’ve been in operation for years, offering excellent quality at reasonable prices. They’re lauded as one of the most capable and quality-minded manufacturers in the industry and are North America’s number one supplier of roofing products. GAF shingles provide a wide array of solutions to suit any consumer’s specific needs. A large number of roofs in Canton, GA are GAF.

Timberline: Solutions to Any Roofing Requirement

Fowler Homes is proud to host Timberline roofing from GAF, and we carry a number of their most popular options, including:

  • Timberline Natural Shadow. The Natural Shadow line of products aims for maintaining quality and durability while remaining reasonably affordable. It comes in a variety of colors, modeled after a shake shingle look, making it a handsome option for both homes and businesses alike.
  • Timberline HD. Timberline HD follows much of the same philosophy as standard Natural Shadow, with a few additional perks. While a bit pricier, HD comes with an Advanced Protection technology that improves performance and durability, increasing wind and fire protection ratings. Visually, they are very similar to Natural Shadow, with many of the same color options.
  • Timberline Ultra HD. The “top shelf” of our GAF shingle options, the offerings of Ultra HD are everything you could expect from top-class roofing materials. They boast a noticeably thicker, sturdier construction than the other options, with all of the previous perks.

The Benefits of GAF Shingles in Canton, GA

So, you know Fowler Homes offers GAF shingles in Canton and surrounding areas, but what exactly do these selections bring to the table?

  • Quality. GAF hasn’t become the leading supplier in Canton, Georgia, and North America for no reason. All of their products, from priciest to most affordable, offer excellent quality that is built to last.
  • Safety. Timberline roofing options all score exceptionally well in wind resistance, fire resistance, storm resistance and seal ratings. While they may not weather the punishment of baseball-sized hail, no roofing material really can (aside from materials built specifically for that purpose).
  • Versatility. When choosing a roof, all of our patrons want the same thing. Options. And while the style of the Timberline materials are largely similar, there is a wide array of colors available. Generally speaking, anyone can find the look that suits them best. If you’re curious, the colors are available for viewing here.
  • Malleable pricing. A matter of large importance for any buyer, cost is a huge deal. GAF roofing is a great option because you choose to pay for what you want. If Natural Shadow can suit your needs just fine, you can go with that. If you feel the need to get something with a bit more substance, those options are available as well. For the experts at Fowler Homes, this is a great feature, as we can be sure we’re offering exceptional materials for any price range.

Excellent GAF Roofing Options in Canton, GA

At Fowler Homes, we’re dedicated to providing our consumers with the very best available to us. Timberline materials fit the bill perfectly, offering a wide array of options, all of which earn our respect as effective and tough roofing options. If you’re interested in learning more about the materials and services we offer, visit us online today!

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