Aluminum Roofing in Canton, GA

Seeking that one, exceptional and above-the-rest roofing material that will provide you with all of the perks and benefits you desire? An aluminum roofing option may be just what you’ve been looking for! There are strengths and drawbacks to choosing aluminum, which you’ll find below.

Aluminum has drastically risen in popularity in recent years, primarily due to an increase in availability. In the past, aluminum lacked practical applications and created problems when used as a roofing material. Aluminum roofing has numerous applications, creating a wide array of types and styles to meet your specific needs.

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Aluminum Roofing Types

Aluminum roofs come in many styles, including:

Standing-Seam Aluminum Roofing

A standing-seam roof provides above-average weather and water resistance and boasts excellent longevity. Roofs in the standing seam style are visually appealing and have become extremely popular in recent years.

Ribbed-Panel Aluminum Roofs

An improvement on the corrugated metal roofs of the past, a ribbed-panel aluminum roof is an economic and durable option for your home or business. They boast exceptional weather and sun damage resistance and boast excellent longevity.

Aluminum Shingle Roofs

An improvement on previously popular asphalt, aluminum shingles are lighter, stronger and more attractive than older shingle types.

The Benefits Of An Aluminum Roof

Metal roofs have long been lauded for their number of unique benefits. Aluminum even boasts a few that are unique to itself:

  • Longevity. Aluminum roofs have a lifespan between fifty and seventy years, and often longer when properly maintained. This makes them, on average, lasts up to five to ten times longer than other roofing materials.
  • Lighter. Aluminum roofs are in general much lighter than most roofing materials. This goes even more so for aluminum, it being one of the lightest materials available while still providing superior strength and resilience.
  • Safety. Metal roofing materials rate extremely high on all safety fronts; they are resistant to fire, water damage, high winds, and even sun damage.
  • Corrosion resistance. A perk unique to aluminum metal roofs and similar materials (copper), these types resist natural corrosion better than steel and other more common metal roofing.
  • Energy-efficiency. Homeowners have reported up to a twenty percent reduction in cooling costs when using a metal roof. Why? Because a metal roof resists thermal transfer and reflects solar energy away from your home.


Aluminum in many cases can be a cut above even steel, but it needs to be painted or coated for appearance. It also dents easier than steel, so if you’re looking for a dent-free roof in an area that gets a lot of hail, you may want to choose another material. With this said, an aluminum roof can last upwards of 50 years and should be considered a good investment.

Excellent and Beautiful Aluminum Roofs in Canton, GA

Fowler Homes has built its reputation on peerless skill and service. It is our endless goal to provide home and business owners with a roof that is not only functional, and of the highest quality, but one that is also beautiful and visually stunning. To learn more about our roofing options, and how we can assist you in getting the roof you deserve, contact Fowler Homes today!

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