3-Tab Roof

3-Tab Shingle Roofing in Canton, GA

From enduring the hot summer sun to withstanding seasonal thunderstorms and hurricanes, the roof of a home in the Canton area must be durable enough to withstand extreme weather in nearly any form. One of the most common and trusted roofing materials in Georgia is the classic 3-tab shingle, which produces a roof with clean lines and relatively uniform coloring. Popular for their unique balance of attractive pricing and durability, 3-tab shingles are available with warranties of up to 30 years.

3-Tab Roof Installations

At Fowler Homes, we offer 3-tab shingles from leading manufacturers like CertainTeed and GAF, and we can provide a beautiful, clean, professional installation. Our experts can work with you to choose the best roofing materials for your home; we offer everything from 3-tab and architectural shingles to metal roofs. With over 15 years in the roofing business, we have earned a reputation for quality, and our talented team can make your home the pride of the neighborhood with a gorgeous roof that maximizes your home’s curb appeal. We serve customers throughout Canton, Marietta, Woodstock, and the surrounding areas of Georgia.

Would you like a new roof that is both beautiful and cost-effective? Contact Fowler Homes at 770-377-8009 to discuss our 3-tab shingle options!

What Are 3-Tab Shingles?

A type of asphalt shingle, 3-tab shingles are rectangular, with the lower half (or, the exposed portion) divided into three tabs of about 12 inches in length. Starting from the bottom edge of the roof, 3-tab shingles are installed in rows going towards the peak, with the tabs of each new row covering the upper portion of the previous row. This allows water travel from the peak to bottom of the roof, dropping from one row to the next.

3-tab shingles are made from either fiberglass or felt paper, which is coated in a thick layer of asphalt. Fiberglass shingles are lighter, less expensive, and UV protected, while felt shingles tend to be more durable and flexible. Both are available in a variety of colors to match your home’s decor and are relatively easy to repair or replace when the time comes. Today’s 3-tab shingles typically offer warranties of 20, 25, or 30 years, and they feature wind resistance of up to 60 miles per hour.

The Benefits of 3-Tab Shingles for Your Canton Home

For many homeowners, 3-tab shingles are a great option to create a durable, affordable roof that protects your home, enhances curb appeal, and adds value. The benefits of 3-tab shingles include:

  • Attractive costs – With their asphalt construction, 3-tab shingles are made from abundant materials that are cost effective, making them a great value for the price.
  • Durability – With a durable layer of asphalt and a strong base of fiberglass or felt paper, 3-tab shingles offer a long service life, often outlasting their warranties.
  • Energy-efficiency With their thick, layered construction, 3-tab shingles effectively reflect the sun’s heat, reducing attic temperatures and allowing your HVAC system to cool more efficiently. This can, in turn, reduce your cooling bills in the warmer months.

3-Tab Shingle Roofing Installation in Canton, Alpharetta, & Woodstock

For a beautiful, quality roof using 3-tab shingles, look no further than our team at Fowler Homes. We are committed to quality service and workmanship, and we will provide a fast, efficient installation.

Contact us today at 770-377-8009 for a free estimate on your 3-tab shingle roof in the Canton area!

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