Emergency Roof Repair in Canton, GA

When your roof is in need of emergency repair, you need a roofing company that you can depend on. If you live in Canton, Marietta, or in a surrounding area such as Woodstock or Jasper, there’s only one roofer you need to know: Fowler Homes. No matter the problem, our experts will come to you and determine the best solution for your budget and needs.

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How Does the Roofing Repair Process Work?

When you call for emergency roofing repair, the team at Fowler Homes will adhere to the following process so that we can make sure your home gets the care that it needs.

  • Step 1: Contact Fowler Homes for a free, no-obligation inspection. Our trained roof specialist inspects the damages on your home’s roof and our contractors will document any damages and take measurements.
  • Step 2: Contact your insurance company to begin a claim if damage is present. Fowler Homes will assist you in setting up a claim with your insurance company. Then, you will provide Fowler Homes with a claim number and the adjuster’s contact information.
  • Step 3: Fowler Homes meets with your insurance adjuster to inspect the roof. Fowler Homes will represent you during the inspection, ensuring that all damage is covered. We will then review the scope of the claim, work with the adjuster, and then paperwork will be filed with your insurance company.
  • Step 4: Your insurance company sends the settlement paperwork. Fowler Homes reviews the paperwork, making sure the settlement is enough to pay for damages.
  • Step 5: Roofing work begins. You will choose the roofing material and colors. The job is then completed according to the scope of the work and your satisfaction.
  • Step 6: The job is completed. Fowler Homes does not collect any money until the job is completely finished. You are will then complete the final inspection with our contractors.

Fowler Homes can assist you in the claims process but we will need your written permission to deal directly with your insurance company. If you would rather deal with your insurance company by yourself, we will assist you step by step through the claims process.

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Signs You Need to Schedule Roof Repair

Generally, your roof will tell you if it is in need of attention through a few easily noted warning signs. All you have to do is be able to recognize them—that way you can avoid the stress that comes along with a huge roof problem. Take note if any of the following problems occur:

  • Aged or older roofs. A roof’s durability is not infinite, and eventually, it’s going to need some love. A very solid rule of thumb is to have your roof checked by a professional annually. We have the eye and expertise to tell you if you’re in need of repairs, and catching problems early is key to avoiding bigger problems.
  • Missing shingles, rivets, or plates. If bits of your roof are missing, it’s a sure sign that something has gone wrong. Whether due to inclement weather, wear, improper installation, or sun damage, contact a professional to get the issue resolved immediately. Checking your gutters is a good way to discover rogue bits of the roof without too much hassle.
  • Cracks, curls, or bends. Most commonly a sign of wear from weather or age, any obvious cracks or breaks should be handled as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
  • Mossy growth. Specifically, for cedar, or other wood roofing, moss growth can denote a precursor to rot and should be addressed by a professional.

Schedule Emergency Roof Repair in Canton, Jasper & Marietta

When your roof is in dire need of repair, it’s imperative that you schedule service right away. Regardless of your roof repair needs, our team of experts can provide you with the skill, tools, and knowledge needed to get the job done right. At Fowler Homes, our work is more to us than just a job—it’s our life and our passion. You’ll be informed of every step, ensuring complete honesty, confidence, and integrity between us and our consumers.

When your roof experiences a problem, don’t leave it to chance! Contact Fowler Homes today by giving us a call at 770-377-8009 and get the repair services you need. 

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